Repair services -

Heavy transport repair and parking services

Repair services


We’ll keep your heavy vehicle running and looking like new! TOKS offers a wide range of repair services for buses and trucks.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Diagnosis and repair of chassis faults on buses, trucks;
  • Repair of engines, gearboxes and gear reducers;
  • Repair of air systems;
  • Diagnosis and repair of electrical equipment;
  • Maintenance and repair of air-conditioning and heating units;
  • Inspection and laser alignment of axles and wheels of buses and freight vehicles;
  • Repair and performance diagnostics of brake systems;
  • Adjustment of headlight beam;
  • Heater repairs;
  • Fitting and balancing of bus and freight vehicle wheels;
  • Turning, milling, turning of brake discs and brake drums.


For repairs please contact +370 610 35808 or


Parking services


Leave your bus or truck at the TOKS parking lot in Vilnius with a peace of mind. A mechanic on duty 24 hours a day in our gated park will ensure that your heavy vehicle is safe.

A separate 40 sqm parking space will be available for your vehicle for short-term or long-term rental in the parking lot on Žvalgų Street. You can drive in or out 24 hours a day.

For parking please call +370 611 14400.