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TOKS Frequently Asked Questions


If you are unable to contact us directly, we kindly invite you to see if your question has been answered before. If you are still in doubt, we are always happy to receive a call or an email from you using the contact details provided here.

Can a coach operator refuse to carry a six-year-old child on a coach if he/she is not accompanied by an older person?
According to point 50 of the Rules for the Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Road, approved by Order No 3-223 of the Minister of Transport and Communications, it is forbidden to carry children under the age of 7 years on coaches unless they are accompanied by an older person.

Where can I get information about bus timetables?
You can buy tickets online at www.autobusubilietai.lt.Visus. You can find bus timetables by calling +370 612 66166.

Where do I go if I leave or lose things on the bus?
Please contact the bus operator if you have lost items on board. If you have left your belongings on a bus of the Long-distance Passenger Transport Company, please contact us at +370 611 13426 or by e-mail at budintis@toks.lt.

I was late for the bus. Will I get a refund?
If you are late for the bus, you will receive a refund for your unused ticket in two cases: on presentation of a doctor’s certificate and on presentation of a police certificate (if you have been assaulted, involved in an accident or otherwise harmed by others and missed the bus). In both cases, we will refund 75% of the fare.

Can I carry an animal on the bus?
Animals can be transported on intercity buses in a container (120 cm in total dimensions) – a plastic box, a leather or wicker bag, etc.It is forbidden to transport <…> animals without a container (Rules for the Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Road, Article X, paragraph 70).Recommendation from the company administration: The container (120 cm in total dimensions) can be of any type – a plastic box, a leather or wicker bag, etc. Before the journey, you should ask the passengers around you if they are allergic to animals, and if any of them does not agree to the carriage of an animal on this bus, apologise to the owner of the animal and offer him/her to take a different bus (if the passenger has bought a ticket, the company will refund the passenger’s money).Animals are not allowed on international journeys according to the rules of the Eurolines carriers.

Is my ten year old child entitled to a discount on bus travel in Lithuania?
There are no state-reimbursed discounts for pupils of general education schools who are 10 years old or older.