Bring a Bike -

Rules of the Carriage of Bikes and Scooters


Valid from 1 May 2023


  1. A bicycle is a two-wheeled means of transport that can be pedaled. A scooter is a land vehicle propelled by human power or electric motor.
  2. Bicycles shall be transported during the summer season from 1 May to 30 September on the outside of the bus in specially equipped places (racks) and in the luggage compartment of the bus if space is available.
  3. The scooter shall be carried in the luggage compartment of the bus. It must be folded.
  4. A fee of 5 Eur. is charged for transporting a bicycle.
  5. When purchasing a ticket online or at the AS ticket office and wishing to carry a bicycle, a passenger may reserve a bicycle service if the bus is marked with a bicycle symbol and there are seats available for the carriage of bicycles. The cost of the reservation is included in the price of the bicycle carriage. If a passenger refuses to carry a bicycle, the bicycle carriage (reservation) fee is non-refundable.
  6. If the ticket is changed to another flight, the bicycle reservation will be transferred free of charge if there is a possibility to carry bicycles on that flight. If there is no such possibility, the bicycle carriage reservation shall be cancelled and the fee shall be non-refundable.
  7. For connecting or return journeys, the bicycle carriage/reservation fee is payable for each individual part of the journey.
  8. A passenger can carry a bicycle without having booked a bicycle transport service in advance. When purchasing a travel ticket from the driver at the bus station, the passenger may also purchase a bicycle transport ticket if there are seats available for the carriage of bicycles, or, with the agreement of the driver, carry the bicycle in the luggage compartment of the bus after packing it so that it does not stain the luggage of other passengers and after removing the front wheel of the bicycle.
  9. Bicycles shall be secured on and removed from the rack by the driver in the presence and with the assistance of the bicycle owner.
  10. The bicycles carried must be clean and in good working order. All additional equipment that may fall off the bicycle during the journey, such as child seats, panniers, etc., must be removed.
  11. The frame, seat or other parts of the bicycle that may be damaged during transport must be protected from damage.
  12. The carrier shall NOT be liable for the possibility that road and weather conditions may cause the bicycles to become loose or damaged during transport.
  13. Non-standard bicycles (electric, motorised, two-seater, tricycle, BMX bicycles) shall not be transported by bus.