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We care about disabled people and greener transportation

Our company, together with the European Union Funds Investment Action Program, has implemented the project “Accessibility of public transport for disabled people and bicycle transport”.

The project aims at effectively developing the process of social integration of people with disabilities and promoting people’s mobility, and aims to improve the transport of people with special needs (PWSN) by road through the use of long-distance regular buses for PWSN and the provision of bicycles.
As a result of the project, the PWSN have comparable access to other passengers and are not discriminated against them. The PWSN are provided with all travel and service information in accessible formats for the PWSN, using large fonts, clear audio messages, and assisting them in boarding the bus with special equipment.

The project promotes environmentally friendly transport to reduce carbon emissions. By enabling transportation of the bicycles, we are making public transport more attractive to residents who currently use private cars. We offer greater comfort when traveling to other cities and carrying your bike.

In this way, the project is in line with Objectives 3 and 4 of National Transport Development Program 2014-2022.

The third objective is to promote the development of cycling infrastructure in cities: to develop seamless cycling network systems, to integrate cycling infrastructure into the common transport system, to make pedestrian and cycling network development attractive and safe for the user.
The fourth objective is to encourage citizens to use public transport and to increase the attractiveness of public transport by upgrading vehicles, improving public transport infrastructure, implementing universal design solutions, increasing public transport accessibility, deploying public transport priority systems and extending ITS solutions.

As a result of the project, long-distance buses and coaches are adapted to transport people with special needs and bicycles. Adapted public transport is meeting the needs of all sections of society. The implementation of the planned measures are increasing the attractiveness and accessibility of public transport for residents and people with special needs.

Residents are able to travel more comfortably with regular coaches and bicycles. The project promotes the development of environmentally friendly transport. 

The project is funded by the European Union Structural Funds.

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