Technical assistance on the road

We provide technical support services for trucks that broke down, got into accident or otherwise lost functionality.

  • Technical assistance on the road all day.
  • Carrying trucks up to 40t of total weight, trailers, buses in case of a break down or an accident to the client’s desired location.
  • Turning over (positioning) a vehicle and pulling it out on the road after an accident.
  • Vehicle storage and repair after an accident.
  • Small repair on the road
  • Going to all EU countries as well as Russia and Belarus

Technical assistance prices (prices without VAT)

In Vilnius city 120 EUR
Saving or towing vehicle 1 km – 1,45 EUR (kilometers are calculated forward and backward)
The works on the road (air inflation, tire changing, etc. tinker repair) 52 EUR
Waiting time charge (due to customer’s fault) 1 hour – 30,00 EUR